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Have you ever said this?  If your company is in the start-up phase, of course you have. If you have a few years under your “direct sales belt”, of course you have.  If your company has been a household name for generations, of course you have. As a sales trainer, I’ve heard those exact words time and time again.

Sponsoring is the lifeline of our business – not only for growth, but just to maintain the norm. So how do you expedite the process? By focusing your time, energy, training and incentives on those who are most likely to get the job done.

Your brand new consultants are great candidates because they can sponsor on enthusiasm alone. Make sure they understand that it’s not unusual to sponsor right off the bat. It’s a “no experience needed” type of skill.

Next, emphasize the financial and personal rewards of becoming a team leader. When you find those who want to be a leader, they will find their team …by sponsoring.

While you’ll want to promote sponsoring across the board, pay particular attention to your new consultants and prospective leaders and your numbers will grow.

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Lori Moser

Lori Moser built a personal sales organization of thousands, and now helps direct selling companies put the salesforce training in place they need to succeed.  Lori can help your organization by both creating and delivering training that brings results!  For more information, contact her at

There is an abundance of photographers that will claim they can do whatever you need. Photographers at the top of their game tend to specialize. Product photography is one of those specialties. If your company sells products (as opposed to services), it’s vitally important to choose the right photographer to help showcase the features of your products. Here are some things to consider when choosing one.

Product photography requires the unique ability to make something, usually a very simple item, look appealing. It’s more than sophisticated equipment, it’s a trained eye and the talent to make a simple product stand out and appear desirable.

Most forms of product promotion, such as catalogs, magazine advertising, point-of-purchase displays, packaging, and e-commerce websites all start with a photograph. Many elements help create an effective product shot – composition, lighting, camera system, photographic technique, post-processing, and of course, creativity. A professional product photographer successfully combines all of these facets to produce a superior image.

Your quality products deserve the attention of a product photographer that has the experience and skills to ensure that each image sparks something in your customer that moves them closer to a purchase. Conversely, poor or even average photos of your products suggest mediocrity.  They erode the professionalism of your printed collateral or web site. In your customer’s eyes, “excellent images signify excellent products”.

Mark Taulbee

Mark Taulbee is a professional event photographer and commercial product photographer with over 25 years experience in the direct selling industry. Learn more about Mark and how he can help your company with photography at To view some of his work visit and