Mark Taulbee

Direct selling companies spend enormous amounts of money every year on national conventions and incentive trips. It’s important to get the most value possible out of those dollars spent. Here are three reasons why hiring a professional event photographer will help with that.

1. Maximize Your Recognition – Rewarding and recognizing your consultants for a job well done is nice but getting their picture taken by a professional photographer while they’re on stage makes them feel that much more important. You can then use those photos in your company magazine, newsletter and Facebook posts to give even more recognition.

2. Quality Counts, So Does Quantity– It’s easy to spot a bad photo—out of focus, heads chopped off, badly lit. Hiring the right photographer assures your company is seen in the best possible light.  Plus, a professional event photographer will provide hundreds, sometimes thousands of great images to use in promoting your product, your people and your opportunity. You’ll have plenty of great images to choose from, not just a few lucky shots.

 3. Timing is Everything –A good photographer can see a shot developing and be there when it happens. The right photo captured at just the right moment has the power to inspire, excite and motivate. But once the moment has passed, well, that’s it.  Regardless of whether it’s clairvoyance, experience or a combination of the two, you’re far less likely to miss that great shot if there’s a pro behind the camera!

Need more convincing?  Compare the cost of a professional event photographer to your overall event budget!  Look at what you’re spending on a few lunches, a box of printed pieces or signage—all things that will be quickly consumed or forgotten.  But photos?  They’ll be treasured forever!