Testimonials: Dick Wilson

Dick understands the psyche of event audiences better than anyone I've ever seen. He can create sustained anticipation and buzz, generate genuine excitement, and deliver the kind of memorable experiences that keep attendees coming back year after year. Regardless of budget, Dick's presentations always keep audiences riveted to what's happening on stage. His humor and creativity add fun and interest to everything from keynotes to product reveals, without ever losing sight of the event's objectives. Plus, he's fun and easy to work with, and a great mentor to all of his clients.

Lori Sauerwein, Director, Strategic Development, Reliv International

Dick Wilson is THE most creative person on the planet! His ability to translate your key messages into an entertaining and meaningful conference, to deliver an impactful event of any kind, is the best in the industry." It is hard to imagine finding a better talent to do everything from concept creation, writing of scripts and execution of every detail to produce a memorable and highly impactful show to your sales force.  And he's a heck of a lot of fun to work with.

Paula Antonini, President, Antonini & Associates

I humbly offer a recommendation for Dick Wilson. I worked with him and for him during his tenure at Tupperware and over the years have hired him and benefitted from his services at DK Family Learning, PartyLite and at Jockey. He is one of the most creative people I have ever had the honor to meet. He is reliable, professional, stimulating, and offers a package of expertise and services that represents a tremendous value. If you need to produce an event or video or tell a story to your sales force in a creative way, you will do well to form a partnership with Dick Wilson.”

Glenn Mills, VP Operations & Administration, Jockey Person to Person, Inc.

Dick is a genius at managing both the 30,000 ft. view AND all the minutia of producing effective communication events. I don't believe I have ever worked with someone who can (literally) speak branding and market positioning to the CEO at the head of a conference table, while making changes and notes to the script, graphics, and cogent comments to the venue staff at the same table. Dick is fluent in multiple layers and universes, which means he can translate the highest level of a company's message to the least experienced member of an event- helping everyone understand what, why and when they are doing something. Dick is an accomplished writer, quickly turning around everything from first drafts to final rewrites, while avoiding the standard, tired clichés all too common in business speak. He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to pitch in wherever required, which is usually often on site, and remains his charming and incredibly funny self, no matter how long it takes to get to opening doors. In a word, Dick is a delight to work with.

Steven Baker, Principal, Ursa Minor Media, Inc.

Grab your Webster’s and look up words like creativity, originality, maybe even genius and, if you don’t see Dick Wilson’s picture, you will see a definition that describes Dick and what he brings with him to every project he undertakes.  I’ve known Dick for more than 20 years and have trusted him on many occasions to help us create exciting, fun and meaningful events. He is a tireless worker, a visionary, a creatively gifted writer and events producer and, on top of all that, he’s fun to work with.  Want an event like none you’ve produced before? Talk to Dick Wilson. Yes, it is that simple!

Bob Rosenberger, VP - Marketing, Communications & Events, Butterfly Worldwide, LLC

Dick is enormously creative. And he uses his "one of a kind" humor in just the right places. Any project that has Dick's touch is unique, professional, and memorable.

Francine Watkins, Direct Sales Consultant, Author "From The Ground Up"

Dick Wilson is amazing, creative, concerned, understanding, fun, intellectual, and an expert at what he does. He performed in a manner we truly thought not possible.

Rob Barnes, Founder, Sensaria Natural Bodycare, Member of the DSA Board of Directors

Dick knows how to create a transformational experience for an audience. He is a master with how he creates, writes and directs engaging meetings that are mission and audience focused.

Giovanni Livera, President & CEO TimeCompass, Inc.

I have worked with Dick as an employee, contractor and business associate for over 20 years. Dick delivers events filled with high energy, strongly aligned to your business strategy and culture and memorable for everyone who attends. As a professional partner, he goes beyond the requirements to support every aspect of your company's communication and events goals. Truly the best!

Kathy J. King, President, KJKing and Associates, Inc.