Testimonials: Jen Fong

Ms. Fong is a definitive expert in her field - she fully understands the interplay between building a direct selling business and using social media. Her lively and entertaining presentation provided our distributors with practical advice, best practices and essential tips that they can incorporate into their use of social media immediately. Ms. Fong also worked with us to develop on-going webinar training for our distributors to ensure continuous education for the field.

Ashley Good, Senior VP, General Counsel, Arbonne

It’s been our pleasure to work closely with Jennifer Fong. Not only does the room come to life when she enters, but she captivates the audience with relevant insights before she leaves. She has the incredible ability to connect the dots and bring clarity to the often convoluted world of social media. Simply put, Jen “gets it” and has helped many of our home office team and thousands from our field “get it”. She is one of our most trusted and respected advisors. ”Follow” her, “friend” her, “like” her, connect with her. You will be glad you did!

Scott Monroe, Chief Brand Officer, Thirty-One

Jennifer is one of the most dynamic and knowledgeable people I have worked with in any field of expertise. I have hired her to present to, and consult with, both beginners and savvy social media professionals. Each time, she has been able to tailor her efforts to bring us amazing results! The feedback we get from the people she coaches and talks with is always positive. Jennifer remains my first call (or Tweet!) when a need for social media education presents itself to our organization.

Cindy Droog, Amway Corporate Communications

Jennifer brings a unique background of direct sales industry knowledge and social media counsel that was a strong asset in planning a successful launch of The Pampered Chef's social media program. Our first initiative, launching the corporate Facebook page, surpassed our goals by reaching more than 30,000 likes within the first month.

Rochelle Mangold, The Pampered Chef, Director, Corporate Communications

We knew we had great product and a great brand, but we were new to the direct selling channel. We spent a considerable amount of time building pieces to what we knew was going to be informational for our specialists, but we needed some help refining, packaging and delivering our product. Jen Fong and the rest of the Luce team was very helpful in bringing it all to life for us with additional value-added input to make our training program, useful and directional for our Specialists

Donna Roy, Vice President of Sales, Vantel Pearls in the Oyster

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking for expert guidance with social media. Very quickly, she helped us create our social media strategy, as well as implement it. She was able to provide such specific, on target guidance that some of our efforts have already been recognized within our industry. In addition to being a source of a wealth of knowledge, Jennifer is a phenomenal public speaker who captivates an audience with her passion and relevant messaging.

Loren Winter Castronovo, VP Marketing & Product Development, Creative Memories

Jennifer is a highly knowledgeable professional with the experience we needed to launch our Social Media Marketing Program. Her invaluable assessment gave us over 40% growth results! She knows what she's talking about and how to present it!

Kathleen Rogers, Founder and CEO, Set to a Tea

Jennifer was able to focus me on my direct goals and identify my target audience. She is also explained in detail the Social Media platforms and is responsible for getting me up and running full speed with my social networks.

Marvelless Mark, Entertainer & Motivational Speaker

I personally hired Jennifer to coach me and have found her knowledge extensive and her coaching style accessible and easy to follow. I came to social media with no strategy and not a little bit of skepticism. But in just one short month, Jennifer gave me a simple, implementable strategy for getting my name and message out to my target audience using an easy, step-by-step system. I highly recommend her as an expert in the social media field, as either a personal coach and consultant, or as a speaker and consultant on a corporate level.

Julie Anne Jones, Direct Sales/Party Plan Coach and Trainer, Julie Anne Jones, Inc.

Jennifer Fong provided us with a Social Media 101 training course for our National Conference. The course came with a presentation, leader’s guide and handout materials. It was very informative and well received by our audience. It gave them a basic understanding of the primary components of social media and how to use them in a direct selling business. As the foremost expert in social media’s use in direct selling I would highly recommend Jennifer and her ability to educate a sales force on how to use social media to grow sales.

R. Mark Bosworth, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing, SwissJust North America

I strongly recommend Jennifer Fong as both a social media expert and direct selling consultant. Jennifer brings a depth of experience in a field that is new and evolving. The quality of her work is outstanding and she consistently “surprises and delights” with ideas and suggestions that add value. Her strong interpersonal skills allow her to blend wonderfully with the internal marketing team and as a result she serves as a mentor to staff that is new to direct selling and the social media space. She is a strong communicator who delivers social media training and best practices to corporate executives and large groups of independent sales people, all of whom give her rave reviews. Jennifer’s expertise and experience has been invaluable to our growing company.

Betty Palm (a raving fan), President Dove Chocolate Discoveries