Testimonials: Lori Moser

Lori brings a clear understanding of the building blocks necessary to create an active and thriving sales force. Her commitment and passion for the direct sales industry comes through in every assignment, and translates those projects into results with clear and lasting value for the client. She has an excellent intuitive skill set that allows her to extract the key components of a company’s strategy and turn them into actionable steps to build training and promotional programs for the sales team.  And best of all, she helps companies build relationships in the caring and supportive way that brings the best out of each and every individual member of the sales force.  We love her!

Patty Pearcy, President, Simply Fun

What is more important to you, the end result or the process? Why not enjoy both and partner with Lori Moser to create your direct selling strategy & training materials? She'll listen to your ideas and customize the training approach to meet your needs, but she'll also use her many years of experience to make sure you don't make big mistakes. It's like a training package and a business insurance policy rolled into one.

Glenn Mills, VP Operations & Administration, Jockey Person to Person, Inc.

Lori Moser will teach you while she teaches your sales force. You'll know this to be true when she starts asking a lot of questions for which you don't have solid answers. Then you'll begin to see how much more valuable her service is than hiring a series of one-off speakers.

Glenn Mills, VP Operations & Administration, Jockey Person to Person, Inc.

I've worked with Lori Moser since the mid-1990s and she always brings energy, insight and wisdom to each project. She is a pro, and she took the time to learn about our business needs and found ways to make our training programs and business strategies come alive.

Glenn Mills, VP Operations & Administration, Jockey Person to Person, Inc.

Lori Moser is dynamic and dedicated.  What really stands out is her ability to treat every business like it’s her own. She is a party plan specialist who truly “walks the talk.” When she trains, it comes from the heart and that captivates everyone in the room.  Others instantly relate to her ability to make skill training seamless and synergistic.

Cindy Juncaj, President and CEO/Partner, Demarle at Home

I had the pleasure of working with Lori on a number of initiatives -- from hosting her as a keynote speaker at our annual conference to leading the development of a comprehensive new training program -- and in every case she has been nothing short of exceptional. Her depth of knowledge on how to build, motivate, train and develop an effective sales force is unparalleled. She had instant credibility with our field because of her breath of experience and because she's successfully walked her talk. And the best part is she is an absolute gem to work with. I recommend Lori's work without reservation and hope I'm lucky enough to get to work with her again.

John Bigay, Chief Marketing Officer, Barefoot Books