Testimonials: Mark Taulbee

In addition to being a great photographer, Mark became an integral part of our event team. He interacted with our Consultants and Leaders in such a way that they felt he was a fun part of the conference experience.

R. Mark Bosworth, Sr. VP Sales and Marketing, SwissJust North America

Mark Taulbee is a great conference photographer! I have worked with Mark for more than 20 years on conferences as small as 50 attendees and as large as 10,000. Whether it's capturing the camera-hating CEO or the golf outing or the recognition ceremony or the keynote speaker, Mark will get what you need. What I respect about Mark is how easy he is to work with. Nothing throws him. He remains calm, professional and flexible even under the most stressful of circumstances. I tell him what I need then get out of his way because I know he'll get the job done superbly.

Michelle Masterson, President, MasterMind Communication

I have used Mark’s photography services both at VideoPlus and at the company where I worked previously.  Mark is reliable, flexible, and he does what he promises to do.  I especially appreciate his understanding of our audience.  He and his team are willing to integrate into our culture to make every event memorable for the attendees. We have done many, many events with Mark and he always brings a positive attitude and willingness to work in any situation.

Ann Smallman, VP Marketing & Communications, VideoPlus